My Daily Hike Through Glamorous West Hollywood

Just a few blocks away from posh Beverly Hills and the glamorous Sunset Strip, I’m out strolling every day along Santa Monica Boulevard at 10 am and again at 2 pm. I do see lovely scenery, chauffeured limos, upscale stores, fashionable shoppers and familiar celebs. However, other daily sights are not quite so pleasant.

Because the avenue is also the last few miles of Route 66 that ends at the Pacific Ocean beaches of the city of Santa Monica, it’s haven for many wandering homeless. Sidewalks serve as temporary resting places after a night of drinking and/or drugs, some with temporary cardboard shelters. Beggars stand at grocery entrances, hoping shoppers will donate money or share food.

The placid sidewalks can also be hazardous to families and elderly walkers. Not only from violent addicts, but by even more dangerous bikers and scooter riders who illegally race along the sidewalks. So, if you’re not so young any more and plan to stroll the city streets, make sure you follow all the safety rules. And by the way, did I mention the fresh dog poo deposited every few feet along the sidewalks?

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