Ads = Stealing All The Money We Can Grab From Suckers

Ooooh, gas at this station is only $4.99.9 a gallon. Gee, if it were as way up high as $5, I couldn’t afford it. Of course, the thieving oil industry is famous for robbing people with all of its greasy products. However, other merchants practice the same scam with the 99¢ pricing, hoping stupid customers believe they’re getting lower prices with that lone penny below the whole number.

Along with those phony fuel ads, the auto industry is actually more devious than gas stations at robbing customers. There’s the typical, sleazy used car salesmen who lies about the car’s condition and everything else. Tho it doesn’t seem possible, selling new cars can actually be even more crooked than their fellow used car thieves.

In ads, they offer cash back deals on purchases. That literally means after you pay full price for the new gas guzzler, some of your own money will allegedly be returned to you. Now, let’s examine that idiotic premise. You hand over a stack of money to purchase the car, and then the generous car dealer actually gives back some you’ve just shelled out. Wouldn’t it make simple sense if you could ignore the needless exchange and pay the so-called reduced price?

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