Duh, Some People Talk, Walk Faster Than Others

A couple of college grant grabbers with nothing better to do to earn the taxpayers’ gift money recently submitted their findings to the once-prestigious New York Times. The study finds that, for many reasons, some people stride quickly down the street, while others merely slowly schlepp along.

Then, inexplicably, the newspaper printed the idiocy in their science section. It reminds me of a proud moment of more than 50 years ago when I submitted my thesis as a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School of Communications.

My lame theme was eerily similar to the New York Times story. I questioned why some people enunciate slowly, while others talk very fast. Result: To get a passing grade and master’s degree, I had to write another theme, one that included honest effort to show some useful intelligence. http://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/19/well/move/faster-slower-how-we-walk-depends-on-who-we-walk-with-and-where-we-live

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