Senility Speaks: I Enjoy Talking With Dead People

I’ve already confessed on this website that a favorite daily pastime is video watching deceased entertainers act, sing and dance on long-ago movies and TV programs. I enjoy the talents of Marlon Brando, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Debby Reynolds, Fred Astaire and many others.

I also have imaginary conversations with long-gone, beloved family and friends. They include my mom, dad, brother and sister. My dad, who died of a pre-antibiotics disease at age 36, may be happy to know his wife and three kids all made it into our 90s. Another favorite relative to contact is my cousin Morty.

A convicted teenage burglar, he got out of prison during World War 2 by enlisting in the Army. Captured during the Battle of the Bulge, he was killed by German guards for stealing food for starving fellow prisoners of war. These days I tell him of family happenings and the idiocy of never-ending wars.

I also imagine creative conversations with old schoolmates, wartime Navy shipmates and career associates from working days. I’m considering going back into history to talk with Biblical guys, ancient kings and queens, as well as famed artists and authors,

So, before you strongly recommend that I should be locked up in the nearest nuthouse, next time your tired head hits the pillow, consider this. Talk with late family, friends and others. They may just be out there waiting to hear from you.

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