Latest Idiotic TV Show About Idiots Getting Tattoos

As if TV programs couldn’t get any more stupid, a British show called Just Tattoo Of Us is debuting in the US this season on MTV. First, we realize that tattoo artists must make an honest living, and some are very talented. Using the same logic, drug dealers, hookers, politicians and other creative business people also need income.

Just Tattoo Of Us has been an MTV International series in England for several years. The theme features creative pairs of friends, couples or family members who design tattoos for one another. They then must sit or lie down while the creative artwork is permanently needled into their skin. They’re blindfolded during the process, and are then shown reacting to the experience. If you intend to watch the show, maybe you’ll be interested in some similar ideas. How about torturing cats, pulling feathers off birds and drowning cuddly little rabbits.

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