Humans: Suicidal Species Endlessly Attempts To Erase Itself

We’ve made progress with our murderous weapons from spears, to swords, to guns, to cannons and finally to nuclear weapons. Another human feature that hasn’t changed is mind control. Old generals and politicians still have the ability to get teen guys to go out and kill each other. The inspiring reasons are religion, patriotism and just plain mindless hate for the people on the other side.

My teen story follows the theme. After 11 years in an orphanage, I left at age 17 in the middle of WW2. With my brain bursting with patriotic propaganda, I had to get into the fray. Not wanting to spend the war in a mud hole, I joined the Navy. Then I was shipped out to the Pacific where foreign teens tried to kill me.

The patriotic WW2 call was: we gotta kill those evil Japs and nasty Nazis to save our Chinese and Russian allies. Then, when I was recalled to active Navy duty for the Korean War only five years later, everything was reversed. Our now-friendly Japanese and German pals helped us fight the North Korean and Chinese enemies. Of course, most of their weapons used against us in Korea were furnished by former Russian allies.

As my long-ago, maybe relative General William T. Sherman once may have said, War is hell, and a very effective way to eventually erase the stupid human race from this planet!

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