Attention Smokers: You’re Stinking Up My World

Just returned from my daily walk on brisk, pleasant autumn streets. At various moments along the way, the air was suddenly changed from sweet to swarmy. A cigarette-smoking idiot passed by, puffing on the burning nicotine and fouling up all around. Adding to the unpleasant scene are sidewalks and lawns covered with smelly cigarette butts, many still burning to add possible sudden fires to the offense.

It just doesn’t happen in the streets. Sit next to an addict on airplanes, trains or bus, and the offensive bodily smell permeates the air. Hey, non- smokers, let’s unite. Whenever a thoughtless vape, cigarette or cigar addict lights up near you, stare at the offender while making a hold-your-nose opinion of the stink. Just maybe some of the future cancer patients will stop their slow suicide habit.

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