Banksy Painting Goes For $1.4 Million, Then Implodes

The idiocy of the modern art scam continues. As with Andy Warhol’s so-called art, the Banksy picture was a photo copy by the infamous New York street graffiti scribbler . This one depicted a photocopy of a girl and a balloon on a blank cardboard. I pity the clueless buyer at the art auction who paid all that money, only to have a secretly-implanted shredder destroy the image.

Other historic art frauds, such as Jackson Pollock’s mindlessly splashed paint on canvases, who called their offensive messes art. And society morons with too few brains and too much money continue to pay millions for those fraudulent messes and other incompetent paint scrapings.

Recently I was out walking and saw this scene, and immediately thought it resembled a valuable Jackson Pollock work of art. On closer examination, I realized it was just some randomly tossed paint and other materials on a telegraph pole. Eat your hearts out, Jackson, Banksy and Andy! Actually, it’s more artistically creative than anything you phonies could do.

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