Ways This Health-Freak Nonegenarian Spends My Days

Of course, we all gotta go eventually, but I’m striving to stick around a bit longer. At age 93, here’s my routine. First of all, except for a sickeningly stupid puffing several cigarettes at age 13, I’ve never smoked. Memories of late friends and family prove that nicotine addiction takes 10 to 20 years off the average life span. And, of course, horribly painful final days in the cancer ward.

I get eight hours of sleep, up at 7 am, then 30 minutes of morning stretch exercise, shower and healthy breakfast. The next four hours involve writing and posting video, photos, cartoons and articles on my two daily internet sites. Following is a 60-minute hike with camera clicking away at the city’s daily scenes on a busy commercial street for posting on my websites.

After a healthy lunch, there’s another one-hour hike with searching camera lens, then another hour or two on the internet. After a healthy, low-fat dinner, I read, take a shot of booze and beddy bye at 11 pm. Before sleep, I often enjoy vintage musical movies, comedies and quiz shows on TV. I believe the old Irish proverb: A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures.

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