Do I Enjoy Endless Reruns Of Family Feud Quiz Show?

I did, but now feel sometimes as if I’ve been tossed into a vat of sickeningly sweet candy, along with some dirty underwear. Episodes of the Steve Harvey program are repeated day and night, often on two or three TV stations simultaneously. What irks most, the show’s contestant questions and answers have deteriorated from enjoyable family chatter to outright filthy gutter talk.

Also, contestants are obviously coached to say the word Steve endlessly: Gee, Steve, if we win, Steve, we will drive out, Steve, in a brand new car, Steve. Harvey is college-educated, but too often deliberately abuses grammar and contestants like a grade-school bully.

Statistics show that African-Americans represent less than 15% of the population, while on every Family Feud episode now they’re always at least 50%. Steve also dresses up black male contestants in his own very conservative clothing line. Truthfully, he has a valid reason. Steve does it to make up for the long history of TV quiz shows restricted to white-only contestants.

Despite my gripes, I still greatly admire Steve Harvey. His talent has brought him from struggling stand-up comedian living in his car to one of entertainment’s busiest and wealthiest stars of today.

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