Endless Political Ads More Obnoxious Than Usual TV Crap

It didn’t seem possible to create commercials that are worse than the on-air pitches for phony medicines, overpriced cars and crooked lawyers. However, this year ambitious politicians have succeeded. We’re being bombarded by local ads with major political themes: I’m honest and my opponent is corrupt, and be sure to vote yes on proposition no.

Daily and hourly, throughout the entire month of October, we’re being exposed to the exact same obnoxious ads a dozen times and more a day. Beyond the obvious Soviet-style brainwashing repetition, consider how your local dogcatcher candidate pays for the endless pitches. Estimating ads cost at least $100 each time they’re aired, over a month charges to the candidate must total $50,000 and more. Obviously, the obnoxious TV ads and politicians are bought by rich sponsors.

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