Vape Flavors Designed To Hook Kids On Smoking

As if the new smoke-free cancer sticks aren’t luring enough youngsters, now the tobacco companies are touting another scam. They’re vape flavors with candy names to mask the nicotine content. Consider some of the most attractive, such as Green Apple Sours, Amazing Mango, Wild Berry, Banana Nut Bread. Did they forget Cotton Candy Cancer?

Now there are also recent reports of the greedy vape makers also adding chemicals used in making Cialis and Viagra. As if teenagers aren’t horny enough already without any need for smoking sex stimulation. My long-ago memories are that there’s nothing new on youth addiction tactics by the tobacco companies.

When in college, I’d often see pretty costumed girls with trays wandering the campus giving out free cigarettes to students to get them hooked on cancer sticks. And of course, there were the billboard and publication ads that touted one brand of cigarette recommended by doctors and movie stars as the healthiest. Do I hear someone coughing out their last breaths in the cancer ward?

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