Nursing Home Rip-Offs: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Inflation has risen endlessly since the greedy Middle East oil robbers and their U.S. oil company accomplices staged their phony price hikes in the 1970s. And some of the most inflated costs are today reflected in nursing home fees.

Despite all the holier-than-thou advertising, senior care facilities owners are in the business of keeping old patients alive as long as possible. That way they can continue the flow of money rolling in from financially trapped families.

It can be a painful reminder now that at my advanced age I may soon be caught up in the scam. Prices for a nursing home room and board when my mother was in an upscale facility in the 1980s cost $500 a month. Now it’s at least $5,000 and rising.

If you or a loved one face this situation, be sure to research all potential costs and how you can reduce them. Consider insurance, veterans’ benefits, outpatient care and other alternative ways to avoid or reduce the grossly inflated nursing home charges.

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