Insanely Inflated Entertainment And Sports Salaries

Oh, my! TV gabber Megan Kelly just got her bleached blonde butt kicked out of NBC for alleged anti-black remarks. The burning question hangs: Will she still be paid her unbelievable three-year $69 million contract?

Much has happened in entertainment and sports contracts since Babe Ruth earned a staggering $100,000 annually as a 1928 Yankee star. It’s common today for pro jocks to make multi-millions for playing schoolyard games for six months a year, even if they won’t stand for the National Anthem. And actors are hired to spout locker room obscenities for a couple of weeks on movie and TV sets for millions of bucks. Lest we forget rock stars who take home millions for jumping around on stages screeching out unintelligible squawks into faces of idiotically adoring teens.

The question hangs: Where do movie studios, networks and sports club owners get the enormous piles of money to pay those so-called stars? Of course, it all means fans must pay for continuously inflated tickets to entertainment and sports events. No more 50¢ bleacher seats nor 10¢ Saturday morning kiddie movie shows.

Also, we hope all those obscenely rich people are paying their required federal taxes on those inflated incomes. Remember, the USA will need billions to continue welcoming an endless flow of millions of undocumented immigrants who then must be indefinitely fed, clothed and sheltered with taxpayer dollars.

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