Speedy Scooters Vs Strolling Sidewalkers = Daily Dangers

It’s happening every day in cities around the USA, where the electronic toys for grown-ups are dangerous. The introduction of scooters just a few years ago has blossomed into armies of bold racing electronic skaters. Many, single or in packs, speed along sidewalks aimlessly knocking over anyone and anything in their paths.

By law, they’re supposed to travel on the street in bike lanes. However, too frequently they race up and down sidewalks at speeds far greater than the advertised 15 MPH. Especially if you have physical limits, be constantly aware of competing for space with scooter traffic. On busy city streets and sidewalks, look both ways before suddenly deciding to turn to walk into that shop or for a bite to eat at a nearby McDonald’s. Your painful option after a scooter collision may be to try to get back up or be taken to the hospital.

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