Pipe Bomber And Synagogue Murderer Are Nothing New

Recent insane killings and bombings are shockingly tragic and now headline news. But those happenings will fade into the past when the next inhuman atrocities occur. Unfortunately, history shows there will always be insane killers among us plotting the next mass murder and assassination.

Go back to when crazed actor Booth murdered Lincoln. Also, the assassination of an Austrian archduke set off World War 1 and the deaths of millions. Throughout history, many kings, emperors, dictators, presidents and other leaders have been targets of lurking murderers. The Kennedy brothers were killed by insane loners seeking world recognition.

Tragically, it’s just a matter of time before it happens again. It could be a deranged nut targeting a politician or hate-filled religious fanatic. Or finally for the human race, an insane politician pushing the button to unleash worldwide destruction.

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