Old Guy’s Favorite American Movies Of All Time

At age 93, I go back as far the first talkies when I saw Al Jolson sing “Mammy” in blackface, and eventually got Megyn Kelly fired. I’ve watched thousands of movies since, including 10-cent Saturday westerns and World War 2 dramas aboard a Navy transport in the Pacific Ocean.

Incidentally, though it isn’t in my top ten, the 1942 movie “This Is The Army” influenced me to join the Navy. It starred future President Ronald Reagan. Unlike draft dodger Donald Trump in later years, Reagan served bravely through World War 2 in some of the heaviest action in Hollywood.

In earlier years I also saw first-run musicals in downtown Philly theaters that sometimes cost an entire dollar. I never walked out of a movie in those days before television, and have just one memory of when the projectors suddenly stopped. It was a Sunday afternoon in December 1941, when the manager stepped on stage to tell us the Japanese had just bombed Pearl Harbor.

Therefore, at least in my fading mind, I consider myself an expert in movies. So, like it hot or not, here are my choices and short senile comments, and not necessarily in rank order:
Singin’ In The Rain: Gene, Donald and Debbie light up every scene.
Paths Of Glory: Kirk Douglas exposes the murderous idiocy of war.
Some Like It Hot: Tony with Lemmon and Marilyn do it all.
The Oxbow Incident: Another great example of human stupidity.
The Godfather: Brando mutters mightily with cotton in his cheeks.
The Producers: Mel Brooks’ explosive comedy conquers Broadway.
Blazing Saddles: Mel does it again, this time way, way out West.
Duck Soup: The Marx brothers at their insane greatest.
Citizen Kane: Orson Welles’ magnificent masterpiece.
The Wizard Of Oz: Young Judy and pals take us all to Oz.

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