Dodger Pitcher Kershaw Gets Insane $93 Million Contract

It’s the latest of idiotically inflated salaries given to baseball jocks who play 162 schoolyard games during six months a year. And Clayton Kershaw, who lost both games he pitched in the 2018 World Series, only works in 25 or 30 of regular season games. Although the grossly overloaded Kershaw contract with the Los Angeles team covers the next three years, with endorsements, ads and other income, he’ll drag home double that staggering amount.

Of course, all the money requires more income for the wealthy baseball team owners. Advertising will bring in some big bucks, but most of it will be squeezed out of loyal Dodger fans. That means your formerly priced 25¢ hot dog and 25¢ soda will now each drop the ¢ and have a $ sign in front. The former $2 seat ticket will have two zeroes added on, but the former $2 parking charge only have one.

Hey, old guys, remember the Brooklyn Dodgers and other memories of days of yore in the big leagues? Stars of those days earned big bucks, some as much as $50,000 a year. Jackie Robinson, Stan Musial, Hank Greenberg, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams and Barry Bonds. And Babe Ruth. He was the first to earn $100,000. It happened in 1929 when Calvin Coolidge was president during the Great Depression. When told he made more than old Cal, the Babe said: I had a better year.

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