Making It To Age 100 Gets More Possible

According to CNN, Japanese scientists predict that life expectancy for humans will average a century within the next few decades. With the highest stats on centenarians in the world in Japan at almost 8%, that nation’s living conditions contribute to the statistics.

Of course, to any intelligent health freak, the benefits are simple. Fat-free diet, and as the Japanese do, plenty of fresh vegetables and seafood. A daily shot of booze is OK, but no smoking. Daily exercise of at least an hour is also an important factor. It’s vital through the retirement years, when too many of Western elderly are content to watch hours and hours of TV. Another factor is mental health, involving daily communications with family, travel, education, volunteering and other meaningful brain and body activities.

And, of course, the reasons for a short life are just as evident. Loads of booze and other drugs, heavy smoking, gross overeating and texting while driving. Hey, I’ve made it to 93, even after serving in two wars, doing 25 years on a lousy, stressful job and being 40 pounds overweight at retirement time. I’ve lost the extra pounds, exercise every day, watch my diet and look forward to burning my nose while trying to blow out the flames on my 100-candle birthday cake.

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