Will Alleged Sexual Accusations Ever Face Reality?

It’s screaming out in the news every day. Some male Hollywood mogul, religious leader, professor, coach or political boss is outed. Beyond enriching lawyers and ambitions women from such encounters, let’s consider natural reproductive basics.

Every human being is born because of a sexual act, whether planned after marriage or unplanned in the back of a car. In high school years, the natural urge to reproduce starts, expands and gets urgent. Considering the sex act logically, even if both parties agree, it’s a messy, sweaty wrestling match.

Glorified and encouraged by culture, advertising, movies and TV, sex is greatly exploited. Many condemn it as evil, but sex will always be biologically necessary to keep the human race going.

However, you horny guys out there between ages 16 and 96, always be aware of the consequences. Under American sex laws, while men have the urge to use, women have the right to refuse and men lose!

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