Ancient Guy Remembers Those Good Old Days

My world is continuously changing, and sometimes this 93-year-old has difficulty keeping up with it. In younger days, life was less frantic, slower and simpler to get through a day. Let’s consider some fr’instances:

On my daily hikes, I see many people walking, talking and staring into little boxes. If they did it a generation ago, we’d call those yackers crazy.

These days, I try to sit through movies and cable TV shows where every other sentence features a junior high school locker-room spray of curses. When Clark Gable said he didn’t give a damn in 1939, it was a public scandal. Now, even our beloved president uses some dirty words that make a cursing rock star (and this old sailor) blink.

In my youth, pop music was happily soothing and melodic. Sinatra, Crosby, Dinah and others in tuxes and gowns sang love songs. Now it’s angry cursing, screaming, eye and brain injuring graphics and ear-splitting noise.

Maybe the most disturbing is the enormous difference in prices since my earliest days. Brought up in an orphanage with a weekly allowance of 10¢, I was suddenly a wealthy sailor. Just a month after I was allowed out into the world at age 17, I joined the Navy. Then I was happily overwhelmed with the enormous seaman apprentice paycheck of $50 a month. Today, that wouldn’t buy dinner and drinks for two at a cheap restaurant.

Can’t help wondering about fond future memories when Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Eminem hit their senior years. Will they gripe from their wheelchairs about how year 2060 music is so terrible, compared to the gentle 2019 music?

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