Italian Critics Pick 20 Best Films In Movie History

First, try to figure why 18 of them are American, and #20 a Russian classic. The lone Italian is the 210-minute 1914 silent movie, Cabiria, at #17. Surely, those critics must know there are many foreign, especially Italian, French and Asian films, that surpass some of the debatable American choices, such as #9 Frankenstein and #12 Dracula.

I agree with many of the films listed by the British Guardian newspaper, including The Wizard of Oz #1, Citizen Kane #7, Casablanca #11, and Gone With The Wind #19. In addition to the two horror films, others that should not be on the list are the tiresome Psycho #2, idiotic King Kong #4, boring Jaws #14 and insane Dr. Strangelove #18.

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