Cremation Ads: Humorous Look At Sad Final Choice

Not to name the company, but let’s examine its promotions seeking seniors to pre-pay for their ultimate fiery reduction to ashes. First, you’re invited to a free lunch at a local restaurant with other elderly prospects. “Oh, waiter: “Make sure my burger and fries are well done, but not cremated!”

Then, with lunch over, friendly sales sharks lecture senior audience members on the financial benefits of pre-paying for their fiery finalities. You buy eternal rest in a funeral urn or your ashes are scattered in a farewell ceremony at an outdoor site of your choosing.

There may also be a very attractive prize offer at the lunch, such as a free cruise for one lucky attendee. That doesn’t promise burial at sea with full military honors. And if the meeting convinces enough customers to buy the pitch, the ad could urn the cremation company a lot of cASH.

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