TRUMPets When The Walls Came Tumbling Down

In my almost a century on this planet I’ve seen human stupidity at it’s utmost. For example, teenage sailor me served in World War 2, Russia and China were our besties, and Germany and Japan our worsties.

Only five years after that war, and when I was dragged back again on active duty, the whole damn line-up was reversed. Our ship was welcomed by cheering crowds in Japan on our way to fight the North Korean enemy and their dear buddies, China and Russia. And, of course, we’ve endured endless, winless wars, still mixing enemies and friends, since then in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and wherever else our politicians, generals and defense contractors choose.

So, having been exposed to such idiocy in younger days, my old brain once again tells me this big political mess about Trump’s wall project seems to have some of the same mindless friend or foe elements. Meanwhile, Congress blowhards try to make it come tumbling down like the walls of Jericho.

Trump has shuttered the government because of political opposition to the Mexican border wall he wants built, at an initial cost of five billion bucks. With the actual distance stretching 3,000 miles across the U.S., this enormous fund would only cover about 300 miles of what will be a glorified back yard fence. Plus, of course, all followed by money-draining decades of daily maintenance and pay for border guards and wall workers.

To avoid being blocked out, the undocumented … ahem, illegal … immigrants won’t have to blow trumpets to knock the walls down. They’ll still be able to come in illegally by sea, or in many places, climb by ladder or merely wrench a few fence bars apart.

Hey, Mr. President, when you figure out all the construction, security and maintenance costs, could it actually be cheaper to let all the immigrants in? And just maybe, some thankful former illegal aliens could get rich and become future tax-paying Republicans living in multi-million buck Trump Towers condos.

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