Would You 2-By-2 The Ark Holland To Israel?

So far it’s just a thought, but after five years of building an exact replica of the Biblical vessel, plans are to sail on an actual ocean voyage. Citing the original Noah’s Ark, Dutch architect Johan Huibers believes Israel is the proper historic destination for the new reproduction.

Since Noah’s large family, as well as the all kinds of animal couples, lived aboard the original vessel, there should be plenty cubits available for passengers and other creatures to travel on the new Ark in comfort. According to the Bible, after it rained 40 days and 40 nights, the voyage ended when the flood receded. Now that the new Ark will be sailing soon, would you sign up as human passengers?

If so, consider these questions:
Does my cabin have to be next to the stinky elephant cabin?
Will pigs, cows and other animals be allowed to swim in the on onboard Ark pool?
On it’s long voyage, will the Ark menu include 2by2 beef and ham dishes?
Since the Ark doesn’t have sails, will passengers have to pull oars and row?
When the long voyage is over, how much do I tip Noah and his crew?

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