Daily Hiking & Diet Fight Physical & Mental Loss

Hey, how about a New Year’s resolution to keep healthy and active. Medical studies show that intelligent eating and exercise keep you marching proudly into your sunset years.

I’m 93.5, and the routine works for me. When I retired at age 65 after riding a desk for four decades, there were 195 pounds of blubber on my sagging 5ft 8in frame. I felt slowed down, and didn’t expect to hang around on this planet much longer.

Because my youngest was then a college freshman, I took a job at a city community center. The pay was just enough to cover student tuition and dorm living expenses. However, my top benefit was a large Olympic-size lap pool just steps away from my office.

A former competitive swimmer, I began daily dips, and at first could barely do four laps. After about a year, it was 20-plus laps a day, and with a sensible diet, my weight dropped to 155. In the three decades since, I still exercise daily, eat sensibly and have maintained a spry figure and good health.

This nonegenarian hikes twice daily for a total of four miles. During the two hours of each journey, I rest for five minutes every half hour. If you want to look and feel better, begin the new year by getting off your butt, go out and stay active with daily exercise. And stop stuffing yourself with all that fat stuff. And on the way, have a helluva happy and healthy 2019!

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