Did President Make Navy Seal Security Boo Boo?

Admiration began with my bunking and chowing down with those Navy specialists in the Philippines during the final months of World War 2. Way back then, they were UDTs, Underwater Demolition Teams. Their dangerous tasks were to destroy enemy ships and coastal facilities. As with today’s Seals, security was vital to their plans and operations.

After his surprise visit to Iraq, President Trump posted an uncensored video on his Twitter account showing him visiting Navy SEAL Team Five. The guys are in battle gear, with faces of many Seals clearly seen for easy identification. There are regulations that absolutely forbid this dangerous exposure, which could give valuable info to an enemy.

If a reporter or Navy journalist had done this, they would’ve faced charges of serious security offenses. However, when you’re the supreme world leader of the nation’s Armed Forces (who never served in the Armed Forces), it’ll be just another pompous day at the office.

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