Scooters Left On Sidewalks May Get Trashed

When rental scooter users are finished riding, they can just drop them off anywhere. And as the business grows, so do the problems they create. First, some are thoughtlessly left lying in the middle of sidewalks, causing hazards to joggers. Second, resentful and/or nasty people find ways to damage or destroy the untended scooters.

Examples of vandalized scooters are in some California lakes and city waterways, where hundreds of discarded ones have been found. Others end up abandoned on lawns, and in streets and alleys, with parts crushed, burned or stolen. If you’re a scooter rider, use them with courtesy and within required limits, and ride them responsibly.

In many city areas, you’re forbidden to ride scooters on sidewalks and must observe speed limits on streets. You should obey all traffic lights, signs and other safety rules. If you see scooter violations of the law, report them immediately to local police.

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