When New Year’s Resolutions Are Dropped

According to semi-scientific studies, today your most sincere promises of personal improvement made on New Year’s Day expire. For personal let-ups, it all begins again: smoking, boozing, over-eating, lazy butt glued to couch and all the other bad habits return to our daily routines of self-destruction.

Is it all right to accept the fact that all your New Year promises were just hot air, or should you make an extra effort to pursue a healthy lifestyle again? If you’re determined and need some support, check with your family doctor. Learn the best way to improve and maintain daily mental and physical efforts.

Actually, if totally honest with yourself, there’s no need for medical advice. First, get your lazy butt off the couch and back into a daily exercise and health routine. Fight the addiction to tobacco, including vapes. Limit booze to one drink before bedtime. Get out at least once daily for an hour of hiking, biking and/or gym workout.

Cut way back on television, which these days is mostly ever-repeatings of commercials for phony meds, overpriced cars, crooked lawyers and mindless cable deals. On the positive side, some genuine volunteer work can help both the community and your mental and physical conscience.

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