Minimum Wage To $15 = Price Rise To Meet It

Then, not able to pay higher bills, workers will strike and win $20, followed by more kited prices for food, housing and everything else. Of course, they’ll then need to strike for $25, and prices will go up again. And again. And again.

This never-ending inflation cycle started in 1970s when greedy Saudi oil robbers and their U.S. gaseous billionaire pals hiked prices from 40¢ a gallon to eventually hit today’s $5. Homes then were $150,000, now $3 million. Cars were $5,000, now $30,000.

And each time there’s a major labor strike win for raising the minimum wage, prices jump up to meet them. You might think those underpaid workers marching around waving picket signs would have realized the stark reality of the never-ending robbery by now.

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