Screeching Idiots In The Stands Interfere With NFL Games

The recent two playoff pro football games for the Super Bowl were fantastic! Up to the last second, we all held our breaths, but something bothered me. I’ve been watching sports for almost a century, and the screaming and waving fans at those games deliberately trying to distract visiting team plays were worse than ever.

You buy a ticket to a pro sports event to sit in the stands and enjoy it, not physically try to change it to your liking. Of course, it’s normal to cheer a just completed football touchdown and baseball home run. Why is it OK for obnoxious customers to do everything possible to obstruct the fairness of the competition? The loudest and those waving signs may as well be down on the field disrupting everything.

In the NFL playoffs, their earsplitting screams attempted to distract and drown out the visiting quarterback’s signals on every play. Also, whenever an extra point or field goal kicker was in position, they jumped from their seats and crowded in the stands directly behind the goal posts waving and screaming to distract him.

It’s worst of all in pro football. Do you ever see screaming fans permitted to physically interfere in a golf, hockey, baseball, basketball, track meet or other sports events? Hmmm. Maybe they should be allowed to run onto auto and horse tracks during the races.

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