Are Online And TV Ads Getting Even More Obnoxious?

Is it just creaky old me, or is it possible for them to become any worse? Today they offer louder ear-painful sounds, quick eyeball-hurting image flashes and endless repeats. And they keep peddling those phony medicines, crooked lawyers and overpriced gas guzzlers.

My favorite TV time is watching old movies, where long-dead stars still emote, sing and dance in glorious Technicolor. However, obnoxious ads now cut in every five minutes for what seems like ten straight minutes of disgusting commercials.

Were TV ads always so wrong? I remember the vintage TV cigarette pitches when long-ago young stars like Kirk Douglas peddled those deadly (koff, koff) Chesterfield cigarettes? On second thought: Douglas is still kicking these days at age 101. So although smoking usually causes stained teeth, cancerous throats and burned-out lungs, maybe those old cigarette ads weren’t so evil.

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