Still Go To The Movies? Always Get Senior Discounts

With all kinds of TV first-run freebees and ever-bigger home screens, older people are spending less and less time in the theaters. Who needs to pay $20 to sit between yapping teens, $10 to park and $5 for a cuppa soda?

I haven’t been in a movie house more than a couple of times in the past 20 years. However, if and when you feel the urge to sit thru a theater movie, and you’re 60 years and older, be sure to ask for a discount when you buy your ticket. Here are a few movie chains that advertise discounts:

Landmark Seniors Monday: You get 20% off the posted ticket price. Also 20% off the food and drink. Regal Entertainment Group: 30% discount off the regular adult ticket price for ages 60+. AMC offers same senior discount tickets with photo ID. Marcus Theatres has special Friday admission prices for age 60 and over. Showcase Cinemas has Senior Wednesdays. Or stay the hell home and enjoy big-screen TV movie as an old couch potato.

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