Trump’s Wall Isn’t Only Famous One In History

At umpteen billions, lined with stones and iron bars, it could be the most expensive wall ever. However, there are many other notable barriers from the past that are still vivid in memory.

Of course, there were the Walls of Jericho, when Moses had TRUMPetor Joshua, blast them. There’s the Great Wall of China, which still stands to repel enemies and welcome wealthy tourists. There’s Hadrian’s Wall in England, which once marked the limit of the Roman Empire, but not tourist prices.

There was the Bastille Wall in France, breached by a bunch of angry peasants, who then began chopping up royals. There’s the Alamo in Texas, and Mexican tourists today still climb it. Hey, Border Patrol, is that a guy named Joshua now on the Mexican side of the Trump Wall who’s about to blow his TRUMPet?

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