Seniors & Kids Vulnerable To Sidewalk Scooter Hits

The other day this elderly hiker was sideswiped by a scooter. It bumped me into some bushes, and fortunately there was just a scratch or two. Despite local laws forbidding scooters on sidewalks, that’s where I was hit.

There were three scooters racing when it happened. With my curses following them, they then hurried away. The question, of course, is how can seniors and little kids avoid such painful encounters? When city laws forbid scooters on sidewalks, know your rights for personal safety.

When you see them racing down sidewalks, immediately call local police. With your smartphone, shoot some photos and/or videos of them and email your message, including location, to the police.

Another annoying danger is when riders are finished with them. Too often they just dump the scooters in the middle of sidewalks, causing more injury hazards to seniors and kids. When you have to step over an abandoned scooter, get serial numbers and include the info in your complaint.

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