Q: Hey, What’s Your Secret For Keeping Healthy?

You’re always boasting about your busy writing and physical activities while into age 90 plus. Can you offer any advice to we out-of-shape youngsters aged 75 or so who envy you? MJMcL, Ambler PA

A: Of course, tomorrow I may be fatally hit by a speeding electric scooter, but since you ask, I’ll boast again. It begins with luck. I was orphanage raised and then did Navy service in two wars. Tho my abilities are naturally age-diminished now, I still follow health routines I learned then.

Basically, it’s getting regular daily exercise, both physical and mental. Also eat and booze sensibly, and never puff those smoky, stinky cancer sticks. I take two daily, brisk one-hour hikes and splash a dozen swim laps.

I carry my camera everywhere, and constantly observe and click for interesting shots. I include the best on my daily online website posts. If there’s a secret, it’s to live every day as if it will be your last. And then do another and another.

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