Smoker: Kill Yourself, But Don’t Murder Your Family

Statistics show that addicted smokers cut from 10 to 20 years from average lifespans. Worse, consider your kids, who spend years absorbing your stink addiction, and grow up with lung and throat diseases.

Also, you stink! Breath, hair, body and clothing foul all around you. You infest all who must sit nearby in flights, restaurants and everywhere else. Walking down city streets on a clear day is ruined by addicts puffing away as they send the obnoxious odors into the air.

Greedy lawyers get rich suing asbestos makers by claiming the use of the material in civilian and Navy ship compartments causes cancer. As an old Navy guy, I experienced the close bunk confinement aboard ships. The never-ending cigarette smoke was much more deadly for causing future cancer casualties than asbestos.

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