Tattoos Make Your Skin Resemble Wall Of A Public Toilet

After Navy boot camp, this 18-year-old swabbie was assigned to a ship soon to sail to WW2 in the Pacific. With fake ID, I wandered the bar scene with other young sailors in San Francisco.

After some drunken sprees, many wanted to look like old salts, so they got tattoos. Fortunately, I was never boozy enough to do it, and after all those years, I have the same opinion about tattoos’ permanent disgrace to a person’s skin. How can young people today, including women, decide to degrade their naturally attractive young faces and bodies into something so grotesque?

So, young person, if you feel yourself getting drunk, drug high and/or stupid enough to turn your body into a graffiti-covered mess, take some time to reconsider. Maybe think ahead several dozen years, when your aging, sagging skin could actually resemble those ugly toilet wall scribblings.

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