My Rich Uncle’s Money Got Me Free College Tuition

Today’s headlines about wealthy people’s kids getting into college reminds me of my own story. Through high school years I dreamed of attending the prestigious Philadelphia Museum College Of Art.

There wasn’t much of a chance when at age 17 I completed high school in June 1943. However, with tuition, supplies and other expenses, studying art would cost me nearly $1,000 a semester, money I didn’t have. I was ready to give up on going to college, but then my uncle would soon make it possible.

At that time during World 2, I was required to register for the military draft on reaching age 18. Instead, I enlisted in the Navy. That’s before that tall uncle with the white beard and colorful hat helped me go to college. Of course, first I had to spend two years of wartime sea duty and ashore for the Philippine Islands campaign.

Then, after I returned to Philadelphia in 1946, my beloved Uncle Sam paid my tuition, books and art supplies for four years. He added $50 a month cash just to show his generosity. OK, now today will they charge my Uncle Sam for using his financial influence way back then to get this grateful nephew four years of college for free?

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