What If Famed History Events Had Included Toilet Needs?

It’s necessary for everyone at least two or three times a day, yet never mentioned during the most dramatic moments in history books. For instance, did the Israelites stop to wee wee during the flee in the Red Sea? And later, imagine spending all night cooped up inside that Trojan horse crammed full of flatulently urgent Greek soldiers.

Julius Caesar: “Hey, Brutus, don’t point that knife at me. When I said I had to go, I didn’t mean … ooh, that hurt!” And later, when Marc Anthony said: “Friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your rears.” Was it because he had just bought the pay toilet franchise in the Colosseum?

And consider way back at the end of Noah’s long ark voyage. His family must have been very thankful for the fresh air when all the two by two animals left their smelly stalls to go ashore. And finally, do you think Napoleon kept his hand under his coat and over his bladder because a long line of his soldiers were ahead of him at the pissoire outhouse during the retreat from Russia?

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