Hey, Students, Gotta Destroy All Them Bad Guys

As if skipping classes, hearing noisy rock music and vaping aren’t enough to keep their young minds occupied, students at Hofstra University on Long Island staged a protest. They demanded a statue of Thomas Jefferson be pulled down. Their reason is it “Glorifies slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest destiny”. Of course, the protest doesn’t include banning Jefferson Airplane or Jefferson Starship .

Additionally, a San Francisco public school district may decide to remove a mural of George Washington from the halls of George Washington High School. The complaint is that it’s offensive and demeaning to Native and African-Americans.

Gee, what great ideas! Let’s just destroy all art and entertainment icons that could offend someone. How about paintings of King David, Saul and Solomon, who had lots of slaves. Along with them, let’s condemn those evil actors who entertained in blackface.

Not only Al Jolson, but also Judy Garland, Eddie Cantor, Desi Arnaz, James Cagney, Fred Astaire, Bob Hope, Gene Kelly and the Marx Brothers. And Lawrence Olivier doing Othello and Mel Brooks portraying a Native American chief with a Jewish accent in “Blazing Saddles”.

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