When Did Bribing College Officials Suddenly Become A Crime?

Several wealthy Hollywood stars may go to prison for giving out big bucks to get their kids into high-class colleges. Until now, the reality is it has always been the accepted practice.

Do you think kids with last names of Kennedy, Rockefeller, Hearst, Du Pont, Roosevelt, Bush, Trump and other rich families were admitted into college because of high grades in high school? There are several ways to do it, direct bribery to college officials and/or making big donations for campus buildings and other noble scams.

The bribes always carry a rule about the wealthy students. No matter what their classroom behavior, attendance or ignored studies, they’re never, never to be flunked out. Which brings up the similar racket of college football and basketball scholarships. How many actual classes do those distinguished scholars attend while awaiting their modest graduation gifts of multi-million-dollar sports contracts?

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