Celebrating 30th Anniversary Since Retirement

Soon I’ll mark that happy day in 1990 when I left lazy co-workers, idiot clients, stupid bosses and sneaky backstabbers to begin my sunset years at age 65. I certainly didn’t know then if I’d make it this far while still in good health. I must have done something right. Anyone out there nearing retirement age want to learn my somewhat obvious secrets?

Maybe the best way to start is to look in a mirror as retirement time approaches. I had spent the previous 25 years sitting on my spreading butt in an office. I was creaky, lazy, out of shape and at least 50 pounds overweight. So, if it helps anyone, here’s what I did to extend my sunset years.

I knocked off the 50 extra pounds by cutting way back on fatty foods and between meals snacks. I’ve since stayed with healthy dining and one shot of booze nightly. I exercise twice every day with two-mile hikes and swim a dozen laps.

I keep my brain exercised by using my camera while hiking and posting photos and at least three written articles online daily. I also believe the fact that my non-smoking mom, brother and sister all made it into their 90s was also a lucky influence on my longevity.

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