Jeopardy Big Winnings Question: Is It Legit Or Faked?

QuizJames Holzhauer hit $2 million, and seems to be in a brainy contestant class by himself against mere mortals. Let’s assume it’s all honest. However, remember the TV quiz show scandals of the 1950s, when winners Charles Van Doren and Dr. Joyce Brothers were accused of cheating on the program, Twenty-One?

Of course, way back then and it’s the same today, TV moguls would sell their own mothers to get the viewer ratings spikes that Jeopardy is now enjoying. We’re also aware of commercial TV’s basic efforts aren’t to entertain us. They’re to get viewers brainwashed by those endlessly repeated commercials, and then go out and mindlessly buy the useless, overpriced crap they peddle.

The current fuss brings back personal memories. I can relate to the huge amount of money Holzhauer has racked up. Many decades ago I was a winning contestant on an episode of Password. My quiz show partner was movie star Peter Lawford, and opponent comedy star Carol Burnett. I won the enormous grand prize of $500.

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