Endlessly Repeated TV Ads Even More Obnoxious

srcartoonripofflgAs with ever-rising costs for gasoline and housing, interruptions on our TV and smartphone screens are becoming more frequent. As a former ad manager, I know that’s basically the way our free economy continues and thrives.

However, my old guy complaint today is that the same bothersome ads are pushed painfully into our eyes, ears and brains for hours, days, weeks, months and years. A frustrating example is trying to watch a half-hour repeat of a favorite sitcom today on cable. It always includes up to 15 minutes of too familiar ad repeats. How many unending times do we need to see pitches for overpriced gas guzzlers, phony medicines, crooked lawyers and greedy cable network with the name that rhymes with rectum?

In early TV days, ads were not so annoying. The images mostly family oriented, with pleasant sounds and music. Today’s endlessly-repeated commercials are blasted at us with eye-blinding graphics and painfully ear-shaking noise. Could it ever get worse? You can be sure the greedy ad creators are now working on that challenge as we speak.

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