Iran Shoots Down $110,000,000 U.S. Spy Drone

MissileCould the huge amount of American taxpayer money spent on that costly doomed aircraft have been used to buy more practical items? Some ideas:
1. One year’s salary for one just-signed pro athlete.
2. Four years of free college tuition and paid living expenses for a future pro athlete.
3. Give underpaid teachers, cops and firefighters well-earned salary raises.
4. New U.S. Air Force One, because the President isn’t comfy in old one.
5. Confinement in a nursing home for elderly Socialist Bernie Sanders.
6. New line of heavy clothing to cover up all the bare Kardashian flesh.
7. Singing lessons for Bieber, Kanye West and other rock’n howlers.
8. Buy another dozen or so 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates.
9. Buy Donald Trump a less-yellow wig and less-orange face make-up.
10. Hire better barbers for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s hair-do.

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