Hey, Speeding Biker/Scooterer: It’s Called SideWALK!

ScootHugoOK, gotta admit it. Riding a bike or electronic scooter to work or local shopping is good. Healthy exercise, lower travel costs and spews no auto pollution into the air. However, I’m a daily city sidewalk hiker, and too many bikers illegally compete with old me and other strollers for the narrow sidewalk space.

Added to that hazard, the new rush of e-scooters racing brainlessly along sidewalks makes it even more dangerous for vulnerable elderly, handicapped and little kids. So, if you’re a biker and/or scooter rider, please obey the law and stay the hell off sideWALKS! And when you abandon your scooter, don’t sprawl it in the center of a sideWALK.

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