Berkeley CA: Concerned Politicians Ban Man Words

PoliticianThe liberal university town has a long history of political fussiness and tearing down of historic reputations. Now, in one of its most goofy acts, the city council has replaced words that imply male domination.

For example, manholes are now maintenance holes. A sportsMAN is to be called a hunter. In future marriage ceremonies, let the preacher just announce them husband and wife. Mankind is now (ooops) huMANity. Of course, politicians and horses emit personure.

OK, so the MANicure shop you’ll now call the fingernail clip joint. The MANson family was guilty of HIStoric folkslaughter. So, I guess we now must not call Berkeley politicians MANiacs nor MANdrills. And when is your next trip to New York’s Peoplhattan and Canada’s Peoplitoba? Written by Ted Sherperson.

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