TV Ads: Today’s Version Of The Boobonic Plague

SrCartnPitchManLgTV is too loud, obscene, no-talent, eye and ear poison. So this very old guy enjoys watching long-ago programs on cable stations. Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Golden Girls, Friends and a few others are from a bygone, quieter, gentler, more sensible era.

However, sitting through those vintage shows comes at an annoying price. At least 10 sickening, obnoxious (is there any other kind?) commercials interrupt each half-hour program every few minutes with the exact same ads. And repeated hundreds of times daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Those Russian prison brainwashers are amateurs compared to today’s TV ad torturers.

And the sleaziest: Crooked car dealers (is there any other kind?), TV cable services, overpriced phony miracle meds to relieve stiffness in the back and those to enhance stiffness in the front. Ambulance-chasing lawyers and grossly-overpriced airline and hotel deals are just a few examples. So, pardon me, while I settle down to watch Seinfeld, and turn off my hearing aid during the interminable, obnoxious commercials.

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