New Star Trek Movie Spews Spaced-Out Dirty Words

SpokLgAs if we’re not already overwhelmed by explicit cursing these days in movie theaters and on cable TV. Hey, I’m an old Navy guy who has heard some historic cursing, but this flood of spoken filth is unnecessarily offensive. Screens are blurting out locker room swearing like snotty 13-year-olds in a junior high locker room.

Creative movie director Quentin Tarantino is working on a new Star Trek movie. Rumors are that he’s adding lots of explicit swearing to the script that the original Spock, Scotty and Kirk would never spout out.

Therefore, you can expect such expressions as: beam me the fxxx up, Snotty. And, with Spock’s middle finger extended, say live fxxx long and prosper like a load of sxxx. Also go where no fxxxxing man has gone before. Set the fxxx phasers to stun the sxxx out of that fxxxx alien.

Hey, now that we can all enjoy filthy words, let’s muddy up some of the great movie lines in history. Charlton Heston as Moses: Pharaoh, let my fxxx people go! Gene Kelly singin’ in the fxxxx rain. Clark Gable: Frankly, you slut, I don’t give a flying fxxx. And let’s not forget: Toto, I’ve got a fxxx feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. And, of course, Shirley Temple singing on the good shxx lollypoop.

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